The idea of Nerdy Book Box came to founder, Tamara, after reading The Stone of Sorrow by Brooke Carter.

The idea for Nerdy Book Box came to photographer, founder and self-proclaimed 'nerdy book mama', Tamara. She noticed a lot of indie authors not getting the attention they deserved, nor seeing products inspired by their beautiful books. In particular, she fell in love with a book called 'The Stone of Sorrow' by Brooke Carter, but did not see the book receive the appropriate level of appreciation. She felt this needed to change. Most book boxes catered to the bigger, well-known and highly anticipated authors. She wanted to see smaller authors have the chance to grow, as well as have a box fully curated to their book. She enlisted the help of her husband, and together they began the strenuous (and nerve-wrecking) journey of putting together something new. Something different

We are a fully family owned and run small business. We work exclusively with indie authors, publishers, lesser known and smaller authors, and small businesses. Our goal is to provide a perfectly themed box based on the book chosen for the month. We want to bring more exposure to authors looking to get their work out into the world. Many times, we felt, popular and more commonly known authors had the ability to be featured in a monthly subscription box, but smaller authors did not. There is so much richness and creativity in the books of indie authors, that we want to make sure everyone knows their stories, characters, and worlds. They deserve a place to be loved.